Puppet theater for teenagers ?

...Is that really true?

-You bet it is !

The puppet is the most amazing mirror of reality, it can get even

a slothful and indolent teenager to lose grounding and disappear

deep into a universe like ours...

  - Here dominates  technical advanced puppets, metamorphosis scenography and artful dexterity, which all together create a refined and explosion-filled universe full of black humor and cinematic puppetry.

Welcome to the world of puppetry

In autumn 2016 we won two awards ...

FIT FESTIVAL,  Lugano Switzerland.  The House won the Festivals prize

                                   “Le Nuove Generazioni” choosen by a young jury (16-20 years) 

Puppentheatertage, Mistelbach Austria. The House won the Audience prize 

                                         The audience choose one show which will be invited again in 2017! 

                 We are looking forward to come back to Puppentheatertagen next year...

                                       Thank to all the wonderfull audiance :-)