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“Hvor var det dog sjovt! Og dramatisk! Og hvor blev jeg dog overrasket. For denne forestilling tog virkelig røven på mig…”

Den 4 Væg 2017

Black-humorous and a lot of fun

The New Yorker, NYC – USA 2009

“Krog’s execution of every aspect of the event is masterful…”


“DIVA is the perl of the BRAVO festival”

Helsingin Sanomat, Finland 2008

“ Almost surreal theatre for children from 13-14 and up. It is not everyday to see school boys from 8 to 9. class laughing spontaneously by a puppet theater “

Politiken, Denmark 2006

During the applause for the performance, the audience looks couriously to see if she has more than two arms.

El Norte De Castilla

“Revealing, unschooled and crazy -Anything is possible in the Sofie Krog Teater”

Politiken, Denmark 2005

Black humours

In the depths of a dark and quirky cabaret, the lives of a beautiful diva, her lovesick butler, a mischievous lab assistant and a beyond-mad scientist are about to collide.

Audience members are lured into the mystery within the cabaret walls as each character endures an ill-fated night that may well be their last.

DIVA is a tour de force of manual dexterity that features by Sofie Krog who is manipulating all of the action on multiple stages from inside a small revolving theater.

The characters


She was born with an enchanting voice, which draws an astonished audience to the old cabaret theatre, night after night. She conveys an unforgettable beauty, mixed with a confined and sorrowful longing. But behind the curtains, she has become a frigid Prima Donna.

The Professor

Years ago, the talented Professor lost his body to a chemical experiment, which went terribly wrong. After this he was misshapen –his head being his only remaining body part. Secretly hidden in the darkness of theater basement, he works hard -Only having one thought in his stubborn head…. To create a elixir, which will give him back his body and make him the perfect a human.


Is the Professor’s assistant, on his orders Eddie sprints towards goals that are often difficult to reach. Fortunately this rodent does not shrink from using dirty tricks. Charming, shameless, and daring he always gets away with it i any situation.

The Butler

Butler is a highly sensitive and conscientious gentleman, having served and secretly admired the Diva all through her long career. He makes himself useful during the daily performances and lives in a small room under the uninsulated roof of the theatre. From time to time he finds comfort by having a few too many drinks.

The Guest stars

The brothers August and Carlos were born and grew up in a traveling circus. Their acrobat stunt has been passed from father to son and has created laughter and pleasure for centuries.

Tour dates

Egebjerg Skole ( Diva )

Date: 13. January 2021

Time: xx:xx


Theater Ticino, Schweiz ( Diva)

Date: 19. January 2021

Time: 20:30


Theater Ticino, Schweiz (Diva)

Date: 20. January 2021

Time: 20:30




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