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New York City. Review from: Maxamoo

“Recommended . . .
-If you enjoy a thriller that is exhilarating and filled with humor;
-Whether or not you love puppetry; and
-If you dig innovative set design with intricate, beautiful detailing.”

Denmark – Review form Kultunaut

Copenhagen Puppet Festival er tilbage i fabelagtig form, og store børn og voksne havde igen mulighed…

USA. Hudson, NY. A Gossips Recommendation

Last night at the Hudson Opera House the Sofie Krog Teater performed The House – amazing evidence…

Italy – International review form the children festival Segni D’infanzia.

The House: between Poe and Monthy Python
Critique by: Karl Svantesson….

Radio interview from P1 – Copenhagen Puppet festival.

Interview from the danish radio P1.

Finland. Review – ”A Wildly Funny Horror Adventure”

Theatre | Turun Sanomat.
The comical horror adventure The House Danish-Spanish couple Sofie Krog and…

England, Review Eastern Daily Press

“The sense of suspense was beautifully sustained, and some of the characters -I might mention the…

London. Review -The Little Angle Theatre

“The puppets are bought to life with such expert skill that it is hard to believe they are actually…

Switzerland. Review from Figura Unima.

The House is little jewel of glove puppets – A thriller that is tol house d by a in which a crime…

Norway – Asker posten.

A murky house is coming to Oslo…

New York -The New Yorker

Critic’s notebook
“All this will be mine!” exclaims Flora, gazing around at the nice…


Denmark – Review Børneteater Avisen

“The House is intelligent and entertaining theatre. A comedy thriller, which is outstandingly good…

The New Yorker

“under a blue sky hung with little white clouds, on strings. Sound too sweet? It wasn’t ….“

Finland, Helsingin Sanomat

“Diva is the puppet perl of the Bravo! Festival”

Denmark Politiken Review of Diva

Revealing, unschooled, and crazy -Anything is possible in the Sofie Krog Teater”


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Since 2002 sofie krog teater have been traveling in 28 countries all over the world