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David faraco

David has studied theater in Spain and today he works as a professional puppeteer, stage designer, technician and actor.

From 1990 to 2009 he worked for Titirimundi, Spain’s largest puppet theater festival. In the same period, and until now, he is employed by Libélula Puppet Theatre Company.

Since 2004, Faraco has also been an actor, set designer and puppet designer for the theater company Nao D’amores.

Sofie krog

Sofie is originally trained in physical theater and Method Acting at Comedy and Mime Schools in Denmark and England.

In 2002, Krog was drawn into the puppet universe and works currently as a self-taught puppet maker and puppeteer.

In 2004 she produced her first solo performance, DIVA.

Sofie has also worked in film/television and was among others puppeteer on the film Strings.

Puppet theatre for teens and adults

Sofie Krog Teater is a small touring company who produces filmic puppet theatre for teens and adults.

The theatre was established in 2003 and premiered with the performance Diva.

In 2007, Sofie Krog teamed up with David Faraco and together they have produced the performances The House and Circus Funestus.

All three performances are still active and the company have toured in more than 26 countries all over the world.