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Det er som at sætte sig i biografens røde sæder og se en top animeret film fra de store selskaber – bare live…”

Den 4 Væg 2017

“As an audience you will be spellbind and sit open-mouthed back then you have seen this very special puppet house…”

Kultunaut, Denmark 2013

“This piece is an absolute gem”

EasternDailyPress, Nortwich England 2012

“The House is intelligent and entertaining theatre. A comedy thriller, which is outstandingly good and professionally made…”

Børneteater avisen – Denmark

“If Hitchcock had made pupptetheater…”

Pann Opticum Austeria 2012

“All this is tastefully done”

The New Yorker, NYC – USA 2012

“The mixture is hilarious. But what is most striking is the excelence of the manipulation. A wonderful entertainment…”


“don’t miss the chance to indulge
yourself in fifty-five minutes of thoroughly delightful entertainment…”

Hudson, NY – USA 2014

“The cherry on the top is the incredibly precise animation of the puppets”

Turun Sanomat – Finland 2012

A comedy thriller

Houses are never really separate from you, we are like museums that collect the actions and memories of those who live within our walls…

From the street, my facade looks peaceful – but let me tell you the story of when I was the property of a particular family of a Funeral Home

Destiny made sure that what had always tormented my owner’s heart, and which also made her change her last will and testament, showed up one evening at my door.

Seen from my side – from the inside – this night turned into a horrifying nightmare. Death I was used to, but here it was like a tunnel had opened; a tunnel from Hell to Heaven. My rooms housed events that not even death could stop, but which one little soul did all to change.

The characters

The rich old owner of The House, the funeral home and its crematorium. She made a big mistake in her young days and the regret over the years weakened her. She lives closed off from the world with only the company of her beloved dog.

In short; he is a gutless good-for-nothing, but nephew to Mrs. Esperanza and so her only heir! Henry fixes practical things and has to keep the big black crematorium oven hot.

She did not marry Henry out of love but to get her fingers on The House. Therefore it has become, to her disgust, her unpleasant duty to take care of Henry’s sick Aunt.  Flora is as cold as ice, her weakness for gold is what drives her – don’t ever turn your back on this woman!

He is faithful, smart, & light on his paws. His love for his mistress and a spirited experience make the story take a sharp turn…

Two Helpless fools, raised in an orphanage and naughtier than the butcher’s dogs. They survive on petty crimes. Tony has big visions and Bruno just does his best.

Balances the books of Mrs. Esperanza’s big fortune, has a weakness for ladias brandy.

From the street, my facade looks peaceful – but let me tell you the story of when I was the property of a particular family of a Funeral Home

Tour dates

Blåvandshuk Skole, Denmark (The House)

Date: 21. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Smedeværkstedet, Varde- Denmark (The House)

Date: 22. januar 2019

Time: 13:00

Smedeværkstedet,Varde- Denmark ( The House)

Date: 22. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Smedeværkstedet,Varde- Denmark ( The House)

Date: 23. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Næsbjerg skole, Denmark (The House)

Date: 24. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Ølgod skole, Denmark (The House)

Date: 25. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Blåbjergskolen, Denmark ( The House)

Date: 28. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Agerbæk Skole, Denmark (The House)

Date: 29. januar 2019

Time: 11:00

Loft Gostner Hoftheater,Nürenberg – Germany (The House)

Date: 15. marts 2019

Time: 20:00

Loft Gostner Hoftheater,Nürenberg – Germany (The House)

Date: 16. marts 2019

Time: 20:00